The Hospital Council of East Central Michigan (HCECM) works to maintain relationships with state and federal legislators, organizations and others across the region whose activities affect the health services of our community hospitals, and encourages their support by providing opportunities to learn about issues that impact members' ability to improve the health of the population. The HCECM also works with other advocacy groups to help keep member hospitals informed of all legislative matters affecting their services.

Hospitals in rural settings and Critical Access Hospitals face many unique challenges that impact providers and the health of the populations they serve. In order for these hospitals to maintain financial viability and continue to operate and serve the healthcare needs of their communities, HCECM member hospitals work with legislators and advocacy organizations to secure state and federal funding that can help overcome the unique challenges of rural communities.

The HCECM has been successfully bringing together the region’s state and federal legislators for “round table” discussions since 2003. Two times per year, legislators sit with hospital CEO’s to talk about hospital and community health related issues. The HCECM views the round tables as an opportunity to reinforce the fact that hospital executives are the best health care resource for legislators. Members are always ready to share the details of complex inner workings of the healthcare system, whether it is technical or financial information they are seeking.

Legislators look forward to getting together in a non-confrontational manner where they can learn from hospitals and talk about their latest projects and current challenges. Some of the topics that have been discussed are: healthcare reimbursement, regulatory burden, economic value of healthcare to the state and communities, 340B, CRNA Advance Practice Professionals practicing at full scope of licensure, how healthcare is paid and surprise billing, to name a few.