Deckerville Community Hospital

Administrator: Angela McConnachie

HCECM Board: Trustee


Location: 3559 Pine Street, Deckerville, Michigan 48427

County: Sanilac

Facility Description: 15 Inpatient Acute Care Beds

Type: Critical Access Hospital

Sketch: Deckerville Community Hospital was established by Dr. E. W. Blanchard in 1952. In 1960, the hospital was sold to the community and then functioned as a not-for-profit hospital. In 1988, the hospital entered into a management agreement under Mercy Hospital Port Huron that remained in place until January 2003 when it became fully independent once again. In January 1997, Deckerville Community Hospital purchased a private practice in Deckerville and took over a clinic in Minden City, Michigan. In August of 2006, the hospital established a weekend walk-in clinic in the center of Lexington, Michigan. The organization of professional services, including primary and emergency care, provided by the hospital in various locations constitutes Deckerville Healthcare Services (DHS). In August 2000, the hospital became approved as a Medicare Critical Access Hospital.

Telephone Number: (810) 376-2835


 Recent Accomplishments:

- Recently, Deckerville Community Hospital was awarded a Rainmaker Program grant from HealthPlus of Michigan to help fund its We Can! Program. In partnership with Deckerville Community Schools, the hospital uses a certified diabetes educator, a registered dietician and a diabetic educator to teach kids and their families about portion control and healthy snacking.