East Central Michigan Healthcare Foundation

The East Central Michigan Healthcare Foundation (ECMHF) is an affiliate of the HCECM.

The purpose of the organization is to plan, organize, educate, and conduct research directed at improving the health status of the community. Build mutually beneficial and supportive community partnerships among groups and organizations concerned with enhancing the health and well-being of the community. To receive, administer, and distribute funds on behalf of comprehensive, community-based health care initiatives.

ECMHF Initiatives

A. Consistent with the foundation's purpose, its board of trustees is committed to;

  • Promoting  better health within our communities
  • Build strong partnerships among businesses, health providers, colleges/universities and other community leaders
  • Enhance the health and well-being of the community.

B. Sponsors regional health forums to:

  • Examine community health care concerns
  • Provide health education to the community
  • Discuss and address concerns shared by health care leaders
  • Work on regional initiatives of mutual interest
  • Influence public opinion.

C.  Seeks and encourages input of the business community on health care issues by partnering through coalitions to guide positive healthcare change.

D.  Develop regional goals for addressing health care problems.

E.  Convene a region-wide group to build an action plan.


The ECMHF prepares grant applications for funding.