Eleventh Annual Communities Achieving Excellence and Moving Upstream

The Region’s Health and Health Care Systems: Communities Achieving Excellence and Accountability: Friday, January 24, 2020. 8:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The purpose of this annual program is to share best practices and encourage dialogue related to health and health care in the region. There will be emphasis on enhancing the quality, effectiveness, and accountability of care across the continuum to improve the health of the population in the region. Pertinent issues will be addressed, noting regional and national perspectives.

The January 24, 2020 winter conference speakers are exceptional pioneers who are providing unprecedented leadership and innovation in upstream health efforts, routinely breaking the mold of past approaches. Their broad information and substantial experience routinely transform thinking and drive action while maintaining quality and positive care experiences.

Speakers are:
Rishi Manchanda, M.D., MPH; President and CEO of Health Begins, a mission-driven consulting and technology firm that helps healthcare and community partners improve care and the social factors that make people sick in the first place. Dr. Manchanda’s career is marked by a commitment to improving care and social determinants of health for vulnerable populations. In his 2013 TEDbook, The Upstream Doctors, he introduced a new model of healthcare workers - the Upstreamists - who improve care and equity by addressing patients’ social needs, like food, financial and housing insecurity. The book has become recommended reading in medical schools and universities across the world.

Brian C. Castrucci, MA, DrPH; President and CEO of the de Beaumont Foundation is an award-winning epidemiologist with 10 years of experience working in state and local health departments, Dr. Castrucci brings a unique perspective to the philanthropic sector that allows him to shape and implement visionary and practical initiatives and partnerships and bring together research and practice to improve public health. He is also an editor and contributing author to The Practical Playbook. Public Health. Primary Care. Together, published by Oxford University Press in 2015. Dr. Castrucci has published more than 70 articles in the areas of public health systems and services research, maternal and child health, health promotion, and chronic disease prevention. 

This event is being held at Saginaw Valley State University Ott Auditorium * Regional Education Center, 7400 Bay Rd, University Center, MI 48710 with simulcast locations at Central Michigan University & Kirtland Health Sciences Center, Grayling.

"Please note that providing this conference annually is a collaborative effort among organization partners dedicated to improving health and health care in the region."

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Hospital Council of East Central Michigan Annual Spring Trustee Forum

How to Screw Up, Stress Out and Get Nothing Done: Key Insights on Solving Problems, Managing Frustration and Taking Action in Chaotic Times, Steve Bedwell, M.D. : Presenter April 16, 2019 9 a.m. to Noon, Followed by Lunch

Steve Bedwell, M.D. is a medical doctor with research training, an obsessive streak and a knack for applying complex scientific data to everyday problems. In addition to teaching the complexities of medicine at the prestigious Royal London Hospital, Steve also traveled the world, conducting research in the U.S., Europe and Australia. He even found himself deep in the African jungle removing an appendix under the illumination from a car headlight. After years of sifting through peer reviewed, research, Steve laid out a startlingly simple, science-smart blueprint for professional development. He calls his approach “Habit Hacking:” Quick and easy tactics for razor sharp thinking, emotional intelligence and unflinching, goal-directed action. Steve’s entire presentation was a PowerPoint free zone. Instead, he illustrated his ideas with funny, crowd-involving, “grab ’em by the eyeballs” demonstrations. His presentation was packed with startlingly simple, step-by-step tactics that attendees can take back to the office, implement immediately and cascade throughout their organizations.

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Tenth Annual Communities Achieving Excellence and Accountability Conference at SVSU

The Region’s Health and Health Care Systems: Communities Achieving Excellence and Accountability: Friday, January 25, 2019. 8:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Keynote Speakers were Karen E. Timberlake, Principal - Michael Best Strategies and Vondie M. Woodbury, President/Consultant - The Woodbury Group. Timberlake guides strategy development and facilitates relationships between business, government, and nonprofit organizations to advance initiatives that benefit businesses and produce positive results for employees, customers, and communities. Woodbury has over 30 years of experience in community organizing, public policy and health improvement strategies.

Participants explored the views of various community partners that bring them to the table for improving population health. The speakers described examples of success in working across sectors in true collaborative fashion and aligning for impact, as well as defined the “stickiest sticking points” for collaboration and alignment, i.e., Money, Control, and Credit. Participants als explored the factors to be considered in predicting the future for advancing population health. Define the “new speak” and new challenges to achieve population health. Describe the drivers of medical delivery that set the stage for system change and transformation. They also learned how to explain what it means to now be in the business of health. Explore the critical priorities/activities that are opportunities for partnership and impact. Examine snapshots of the region’s work in transforming health and the economy. Discussions of the presentations’ main ideas and their application in this region as well as exploring the anticipated future for population health, system change, and the innovation required, took place.

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Safe Talk Suicide Awareness for Everyone

June 27, 2018, Region VII Area Agency of Aging Conference Center 1615 S. Euclid Ave., Bay City, MI8:30 a.m. to 12 noon

Suicide Resource and Response Network Founder Barb Smith has spent nearly three decades saving lives from suicide and supporting those left in its wake. After a personal tragedy of her brother John’s suicide, Barb founded the grassroots organization and has grown it into an impactful non-profit providing services in prevention, education, and aftercare throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region and beyond.

Over the course of their training, safeTALK participants learned to notice and respond to situations where suicide thoughts might be present. They learned how to recognize that invitations for help are often overlooked and how to move beyond the common tendency to miss, dismiss, and avoid suicide. Participants learned the TALK steps of “Tell, Ask, Listen, and KeepSafe”, as well to know community resources and how to connect someone with thoughts of suicide to them. Participants received a certificate of completion at the end of the course.


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HCECM Bridges to Health and Healthcare

Sponsored by: Hospital Council of East Central Michigan and Thumb Rural Health Network

May 31, 2018 • 8:30am-3:30pm Located at: Region VII Area Agency on Aging Conference Center 1615 S. Euclid Ave. Bay City, MI


Kay Balcer of Balcer Consulting and Prevention Services, certified Bridges Community Facilitator and Bridges to Health and Healthcare Facilitator provided training for the Bridges to Health and Healthcare program.  Practices learned in this training gave participants tools to help reduce unnecessary readmissions and reduce the use of emergency room doctors as primary care physicians. Practices shown were also proven to reduce costs without reducing quality, to reduce patient provider misunderstanding, and to enhance community health, stability and more.

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Hospital Council of East Central Michigan Annual Spring Trustee Forum

Physicians & Executives Partnering to Create Superior Performance presented by Thomas A. Atchison, EdD, president and founder of Atchison Consulting, LLC - April 17, 2018, 9 a.m. to Noon, Followed by Lunch


Program Overview: Changes in healthcare delivery are challenging physicians and executives. However, success can be achieved when attention is focused on the hard realities of the healthcare environment and practice soft-skill strategies for building trust. In this seminar, attendees learned ways to reconcile the business objectives of healthcare with the transcendent values at the heart of clinical care for their organization. The program also offered insights on how clear communication can eliminate false operating assumptions and beliefs, leading to a better understanding between physicians and healthcare executives and leaders, that will result in achieving their business objectives.

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Ninth Annual Communities Achieving Excellence and Accountability Conference at SVSU

The Region's Health and Healthcare Systems: Communities Achieving Excellence and Accountability, Friday, January 26, 2018, 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Speakers included Ray J. Fabius, MD, CPE, FACPE, Scott A Flanders, MD., and Daniel Wolfson, MHSA. Fabius is the Co-Founder and President at HealthNEXT, Flanders is a Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan, and Wolfson is the Executive Vice President and COO at the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation. 

Participants learned how to define population health, population health management and cultures of health and wellbeing. Demonstrate appreciation that all health care constituents can collaborate and contribute to building cultures of health. Analyze the connection between health wealth and provide evidence that a healthy workforce is a competitive advantage. Describe the aims of the Choosing Wisely Campaign and how it enhances medical professionalism. Explain the role of the specialty societies and patient/consumer groups. Apply the ideals of Choosing Wisely to implement the recommendations into practice. They also discussed assisting organizations in identifying strategies for success and positive progress to achieve change. Examine the organizations’ transforming work needed to bridge the connection between health care and the community. Explore the anticipated future for population health, system change, and the innovation required for greater proficiency.

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Hospital Council of East Central Michigan Trustee Forum

Shubhang Dave from The Advisory Board Company presented: The National Prescription for Employee and Physician Engagement: Key Insights and Recommendations for Empowering the Workforce. April 17, 2017

Synopsis: The health care industry is bracing for yet another period of uncertainty, and building an engaged workforce that is ready to rise to the challenge has arguably never been more important. This session offered hospital leaders a national perspective on trends in staff and physician engagement, including powerful data the attendees needed to make a business case for investing in engagement and an exploration of key demographic groups whose engagement their strategy should address. The session armed attendees with best practices demonstrated by organizations that are achieving high levels of engagement in spite of a rapid pace of change.

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Eighth Annual 'Communities Achieving Excellence and Accountability' Conference at SVSU

The Region's Health and Healthcare Systems: Communities Achieving Excellence and Accountability, Friday, January 27, 2017, 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Robert Fortini, PNPRay King, MD

Speakers included Robert Fortini, PNP, and Ray King, MD. Fortini is the Chief Clinical Officer for Bon Secours Medical Group and King is Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs & Chief Medical Officer, of Allegiance Health. Population Health Management is a pressing topic within the healthcare arena.

Participants learned how explain the value of using a Medical Home Team model in improving capacity and access for patient care. Examined the role of the Ambulatory Nurse Navigator and their impact on cost and quality. How to relate the Annual Wellness Visit to improving quality outcomes. Explain the burning platform for population health. Describe physicians’ roles in leading change. Participants examines basic information technology tools required for practitioners to manage patients under population health. Explored how we incent physician behavior change. They also discussed assisting organizations in setting strategies for success and positive progress in the midst of change. Examining the organizations’ transforming work needing to occur both internally and externally, as well as individually and collectively. There was also discussions in exploring the anticipated future for consumer engagement activities in health care.

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