Associate Membership Benefits

Associate Members have the opportunity to be involved in many of the initiatives implemented by HCECM hospital members to promote positive changes in healthcare. Some of the benefits of membership include:

Workforce Initiatives, Collaborative Grants
HCECM works in collaboration with hospitals, colleges/universities and businesses to develop various workforce and research initiatives funded through grants. These result in improved healthcare practices, relationship-building and opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience.

Education Forums
HCECM sponsors two education forums each year that bring in national speakers to discuss cutting-edge practices and trends in hospital delivery and payment. Members provide input on the topic they wish to gain knowledge. Associate Members receive discounts to attend.

Click here to view upcoming and past speakers and presentations.

CEO Quick Surveys
HCECM can administer confidential surveys at the request of a CEO to provide comprehensive information regarding a particular topic. This service can save executives a great deal of time and expense -- and provide valuable information for decision-making.


Resource Directory Provider Search
HCECM offers an online tool that has incorporated and organized over 6,500 health-related resources throughout a 14-county region and beyond. The directory helps reduce the barriers in finding key resources for patient care coordination.


Committee, Task Force, Work Group Participation
Associate Members have the opportunity to serve on various committees, including the Utilization Review and Patient Accounting Committee, Workforce Development Committee and Patient Health Planning Committee. Committees give members a chance to serve in an active role in improving the healthcare of the region. Other committees/task forces/work groups are created when needs arise.

Staying Informed
HCECM's participation in various state and national organizations, such MHA, AHA and NRHA, and involvement in governmental affairs helps members stay up-to-date on issues relating to the healthcare of the region. 

Involvement, Networking
Being involved in improving the healthcare of the region is a fullfilling endeavor and HCECM offers numerous ways to do so. Even your membership dues is a tremendous help to the mission of HCECM by helping fund initiatives that assist hospitals and their services. HCECM values your investment, so we will take every opportunity to make your organization visible in various publications.

How else can we help?
If you have ideas or suggestions on how we can better serve you and the other members of the organization--and the community, please let us know. Our goal is to provide members with helpful tools and resources that allow them to maximize their ability to provide the best healthcare to their community. Call (989) 702-2164 or e-mail