CMU Medical Students Partner with MRH Providers in Marlette & North Branch

On July 27, Marlette Regional Hospital will warmly welcome two third-year Central Michigan University (CMU) College of Medicine (CMED) students to their facility and our Thumb Area communities.

These students will work in partnership with clinical physicians and staff as part of a six-month program called the Comprehensive Community Clerkship (CCC) that aims to expand upon their previous two years of classroom studies. In addition to working in family practice settings, these students will gain experience working in the emergency room and surgical services. CMED has a strong desire to provide a sustainable supply of highly-trained physicians to underserved regions of Michigan and the Midwest, and this is Marlette’s sixth year hosting students.

Marko Lubardic of Ann Arbor, MI will work in partnership with Dr. Jabir Akhtar in Marlette serving patients’ family healthcare needs. Marko completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor and earned a degree in microbiology. His interests include fly fishing, guitar, astronomy, and hiking.

Sara Dadashzadeh of Rochester, MI will work in partnership with Dr. William Starbird in North Branch serving patients’ family healthcare needs. Sara completed her undergraduate studies at Oakland University where she earned a degree in biology and Wayne State University where she earned a Master’s Degree in public health. Her interests include baking, reading, traveling and visiting historical sites, and watching films.

“Our partnership with CMED is a win, win, win. CMED gains a real-word setting to place their medical students, the students are provided a hands-on patient care experience, and MRH gets to showcase the importance of rural medicine and the quality of care we provide. We are excited to share this time and space with future physicians. Please join me in welcoming Marko and Sara to our communities,” remarks MRH’s Chief Executive Officer Dan Babcock.