AELVAMC - Pause on Oracle Cerner Electronic Health Record (EHR) Rollout

Saginaw, MI – VA announces a pause on the rollout of the Oracle Cerner Electronic Health Record (EHR) system at the Saginaw Health Care System. As VA leadership promised, the VA will not deploy the new EHR system at any facility until confident it is ready to deliver for Veterans and VA providers. Based on recent assessments, including the ongoing “assess and address” period and the Readiness Assessment, VA has determined that the new EHR is not yet ready for the planned June 2023 deployment in Saginaw.

Laura Ruzick, Network Director, VISN 10, shared with Saginaw Health Care System employees this morning, how she appreciated “all the work done to prepare for this deployment, and all the work you do every day. I am confident that when we do roll out the new EHR system in Saginaw, we will make it a smooth, safe, and positive experience for Veterans and staff alike – and we will do so together.” Currently, we are waiting on further guidance from VA regarding Saginaw’s future EHR timeline.