Aleda E. Lutz VAMC – High Reliability Organization (HRO) Journey

The Aleda E. Lutz VAMC begins implementation of the enterprise-wide High Reliability Organization (HRO) journey. Throughout the last year, staff have been undergoing training to build a strong culture of safety which will positively impact Veterans, their family members, and caregivers. Research has shown High Reliability Organizations experience fewer accidents despite being a high-risk environment where small errors can produce catastrophic results. HRO put procedures and protocols in place to maximize safety and minimize harm.

The Veterans Health Administration has been a leader in patient safety for many years. Adopting high reliability principles represents the next steps for delivering the best health care to Veterans. The change of culture in officially beginning the HRO journey is the pledge to empower staff and keep Veterans safe.

The journey of becoming an HRO is consistent with the National Patient Safety Goals set forth by The Joint Commission, an independent, nonprofit organization that accredits and certifies approximately 21,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States. “Providing a safer environment focused on reducing errors and preventing patient harm, HRO principles and values defer to expertise, in which oftentimes is the Veteran or caregiver along with the staff,” stated Chris Cauley, Medical Center Director.

Our organization commitment to Veterans is achieving highest safety standards, experience better care coordination, standardized processes, and comprehensive care plans. Mr. Cauley also stated, “The HRO journey is the commitment by all leadership and staff, both clinical and nonclinical, to share in the same vision for what is needed and expected to deliver health care to our Veterans. The goal is every Veteran receiving the most excellent care, every time, in every situation and making the Aleda E. Lutz VAMC Veterans’ Choice for healthcare.”