Aleda E. Lutz VAMC Increases Availability of Telehealth Services Through Launch of Digital Divide Consult, Continued Partnerships

The Aleda E. Lutz VAMC announced it has expanded opportunities for Veterans enrolled in the VA health care system to access their care by telehealth through the launch of its Digital Divide Consult and continued partnerships with private-sector companies facilitated by the VA’s Secretary's Center for Strategic Partnerships.

This effort is to ensure all Veterans, regardless of where they live, have convenient access to VA care and these initiatives do just that.

“During the pandemic, VA’s telehealth services have been of critical importance, enhancing options for Veterans in central and northern Michigan, to connect with the high-quality care they deserve,” said Chris Cauley, Acting Medical Center Director. “VA’s Digital Divide Consult assists qualifying Veterans who do not have the internet or technology needed to access telehealth services from home by loaning them internet-connected devices or helping them apply for federal subsidies for their needed technology.”

For fiscal year 2021 to date, our medical center has conducted 4,672 video telehealth visits into Veterans’ homes. Nationally, VA regularly provides over 41,000 video telehealth visits into Veterans’ homes on a typical single business day, exceeding the number of visits VA previously offered over an entire month.

Visit VA Video Connect at the VA App Store and VA Office of Connected Care for information about VA telehealth. Veterans interested in scheduling a telehealth visit, in need of assistance with technology and connectivity or interested in a Digital Divide Consult should talk to their VA health care provider or team.