Aleda E. Lutz VAMC Support Suicide Prevention in our Veterans

There are two public service announcements PSAs that support Suicide Prevention in our Veterans. One titled "Decisions 2019" and one titled "National Guard and Reserve 2019." They can be found at this link: 

The "Decisions" PSA showcases the importance of the small choices we make every day. It highlights the idea that a friend taking even a small step to "Be There for a Veteran" can have a big effect. It also shows that Veterans have the strength to reach out for support — whether by calling the Veterans Crisis Line or simply connecting with a pal.

The "National Guard and Reserve" PSA emphasizes the unique role that National Guard and Reserve members have in safeguarding the country, often during crises. This PSA shows the difficult situations in which they have served, and reminds them that VA has resources to support them.