Ascension St. Joseph Lighthouse Award Honors Local Physician

TAWAS CITY, MI - Ascension St. Joseph Hospital recently shined a light on one of their physicians to recognize his selfless act demonstrating the hospital's commitment of compassion and human dignity. Christopher Oravitz, MD, is a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist in the Ascension St. Joseph Women’s Clinic, and has received the first quarter 2021 Lighthouse Award for demonstrating the values of Ascension St. Joseph.

Dr. Oravitz was nominated by Alyshia Griffith and Tiffany Beran from Ascension St. Joseph’s Speciality Clinic. While Dr. Oravitz was at Ascension St. Joseph Hospital in January doing errands, he noticed a patient waiting outside the Medical Arts building without a coat. Dr. Oravitz promptly went to a local business and bought a winter coat. He returned to the hospital and gave the patient the coat so they could stay warm throughout the winter months. Dr. Oravitz’s selfless act demonstrates the Ascension St. Joseph core values in action and highlights the true meaning of compassion towards others, including patients and coworkers.

Other Ascension St. Joseph associates nominated for the first quarter include:

  • Dr. Christopher Landrey, Women’s Clinic
  • Dawn Krumm, OB
  • Jeanette Moran, OB
  • Adri Bennett, OB
  • Deidra Barclay, OB
  • Kristen Nicholson, OB
  • Michelle Wilson, Registration
  • Melissa Kendall, Registration
  • Elizabeth Krasinski, Registration
  • Deb McShane, Radiology
  • Ashley Brettrager, Med/Surg
  • Mike Svejcara, Med/Surg
  • Becky Morand, Case Management
  • Sylvia Lueck, Emergency Department
  • Melinda McDill, Emergency Department
  • Dr. Kara Herber, Emergency Department
  • Dr. Michael Watson, Emergency Department
  • Debra Anderson, Oscoda Health Park
  • Christine Marzec, Oscoda Health Park
  • Crystal Groat, Oscoda Health Mark
  • Sandy Otto, Oscoda Health Park
  • Kathy Marshall, Oscoda Health Park
  • Kim Kirk, Oscoda Health Park
  • Amanda Garland, Oscoda Health Park
  • Lisa Stephenson, Oscoda Health Park
  • Diane Piechowski, EVS
  • Michele Tinsley, EVS
  • Abby Yoder, EVS
  • Dimitri Max, EVS
  • Eric Maurer, Cardiopulmonary
  • Christopher Black, Respiratory
  • Shelley Wnuk, Physical Therapy
  • Jennifer Look, Physical Therapy
  • Lindsay Puchovan, Surgery