Ascension St. Joseph adds Advanced Imaging Technology

TAWAS, MI: Ascension St. Joseph Hospital has added two new pieces of equipment to its arsenal of advanced imaging and diagnostic technologies.

A new, state-of-the-art nuclear medicine camera which incorporates nuclear medicine and CT scan technologies into one system has been acquired. Advantages of this system include a higher table weight to accommodate all individuals up to 500 pounds, and the ability to conduct faster scan times for bone and cardiac imaging needs. What may have previously taken 20 minutes can now be performed in 10-12 minutes, reducing scan times by nearly half and lowering radiation exposure for patients.

In addition, Ascension St. Joseph has a new precision remote radiographic/fluoroscopic system which offers great imaging capabilities. The system provides a large elevating table that can accommodate a wide range of patient sizes. With a weight capacity of 705 pounds, Ascension St. Joseph can now better serve bariatric patients. The remote digital technology reduces radiation exposure to the patients and staff. It also affords a unique pediatric protocol to customize imaging which reduces the radiation dose for children. The new system is being used for all fluoroscopy studies, upper and lower gastrointestinal and small bowel examinations as well as swallowing assessments.

Both of these advanced imaging technologies are currently in place at Ascension St. Joseph Hospital. For more information, call 989-362-9480.

The new imaging and diagnostic tools for Ascension St. Joseph were funded as part of Ascension’s $50 million reinvestment into the northern Michigan health ministries which also include Ascension Standish Hospital and Ascension St. Mary’s in Saginaw.