COVID 19 Vaccinations Will Be Scheduled for Veterans

The Aleda E. Lutz VAMC wants Veterans to know they are now starting to provide COVID 19 vaccinations!

Veterans will be contacted by the VA within the coming months to schedule an appointment for their vaccination. At this time, there is no opportunity for Veterans to receive their vaccination without being scheduled. Veterans may not “walk-in” unscheduled.

The Veteran will be called, or other contact made, to schedule a COVID 19 vaccine. Scheduled appointments will be based on established vaccination priority groups. Priority groups are determined by Veteran age and health conditions, which may place him/her at risk.

Veterans may call our local COVID Hotline at 989-321-4155 to receive more information regarding the Moderna vaccine. Veterans can also express their interest in receiving the COVID vaccination by going to this website: However, they do not need to sign up for the vaccine in order to receive it. The intent of this website is to help the VA prepare for vaccine distribution.

For Veterans traveling outside of Michigan, please contact the Veteran Travel Coordinator at (989)-497-2500, extension 13485, to assist with arrangements.