Don't Delay Care

There’s no getting around it: COVID-19 is scary, but skipping your doctor’s visit or emergency care can be even scarier. According to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 41% of American say they’ve delayed or avoided seeking routine or emergency care due to concerns over COVID-19.

That number is concerning for healthcare leadership at McLaren Bay Region. “Putting off care over fear of contracting COVID-19 can lead to progression of chronic diseases,” said Norman Chapin, MD, Chief Medical Officer at McLaren Bay Region. “It is important to keep your essential appointments with your doctor to manage medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer treatments plus prenatal care and pediatric appointments, especially those related to immunizations.”

McLaren Bay Region is continuing to follow intensely vigilant safety standards, including staff wearing proper PPE, patients and visitors being screened for COVID-19 symptoms upon entry, and cleaning of high-touch areas. “We are having our patients following some of the same safety precautions as our staff while in the emergency room or hospital,” said Dr. Chapin. “All patients, visitors, and staff are being screened for COVID symptoms, are expected to wear a mask and follow the same hand hygiene policies. McLaren Bay Region facilities are taking special care to protect all our patients and now, their visitors.”

In extreme cases, patients who have put off care may find their treatment options are limited due to their condition progressing. “Don’t delay your care,” said Dr. Chapin. “If you are experiencing an emergency and need health care, the emergency room and hospital are safe places for you to receive care.”