Harbor Beach Community Hospital – $2.9 Million Dollar Expansion Project and Parking Update

Harbor Beach Community Hospital is excited to announce that our facility will be undergoing an expansion project that will increase access to health care services in our local community and improve traffic patterns within the hospital. The $2.9 million-dollar plan includes a 4,521 sq. ft addition that will include a new lobby and registration area, relocation of Health Information Management (Medical Records) next to registration, consolidation of diagnostic imaging services, relocation of the Walk-In Clinic to a more accessible location, and creation of an area dedicated to Surgical Services patients. In addition, renovation of 3,387 sq. ft of the existing facility will allow for the relocation of Nuclear Medicine, Blood Draw, and Lab Office. The goal of the project is to create more space and streamline the flow of traffic to increase mitigation of illness and communicable diseases. By designating entrances and reception areas for specific services, it will reduce contact, passing points, and touch points for people receiving different services. The project will take approximately 10-12 months to complete.

The hospital would like the community to be aware there will be a temporary relocation of some services as well as noticeable changes in parking around our facility. The west parking lot will be used for a temporary construction site trailer and storage of equipment. The medical arts parking lot between the hospital and the medical clinic is planned to remain open for patients and visitors, with 10 spots reserved for staff parking noted by orange cones. Additional parking for patients, visitors, and staff will be designated along First Street as well as along Broad and Trescott Streets. The Emergency Room parking will remain but it is kindly asked to be used by Emergency Services patients only.

The hospital thanks the community in advance for their cooperation and understanding during this worthwhile project. This is a very exciting project that will allow Harbor Beach Community Hospital to better serve the community’s healthcare needs over the long term.