Harbor Beach Community Hospital Announces Scholarship Recipients

Back row left to right Pat McCollough, Robert J. Swartz, sitting left to right Jamie Roggenbuck-Kozdron, Henry Kozdron and Allison Guitar. Not available for picture Shannon Nowiski.Pat McCollough, President of the Hospital Board and Robert J. Swartz, Chairman of the Hospital Foundation along with the Harbor Beach Community Hospital and Hospital Board of Trustees and the Huron County Community Foundation are pleased and proud to congratulate Harbor Beach Community Hospital and the Harbor Beach Hospital Foundation Medical Practitioner Scholarship Award winners for 2018.

The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage and support individuals who ae currently health care providers or seeking advanced medical training to serve the health care needs of the greater Harbor Beach community and Huron Country. We believe the best way to provide ongoing quality health care for our community is to recognize and reward those who seek to serve, now and for the future.

The winners for this year’s scholarship of one thousand dollars each are Henry Kozdron, who is attending Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine; Jamie Roggenbuck-Kozdron, who is attending Michigan State University College of Human Medicine; Allison Guitar, who is attending Central Michigan University of Physical Therapy and Shannon Nowiski, Family Nurse Practitioner finishing her Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree.

The four individuals selected to receive this year’s scholarship have demonstrated persistence and determination in pursuit of their medical education and a stated commitment to serve their community as health care providers.

The Harbor Beach Hospital Foundation, Board of Trustees, and Harbor Beach Community Hospital want to thank all of the many outstanding scholarship applicants for their interest and commitment. The 2019 HBCH Scholarship application will be available after October 1st on the Huron County Community Foundation website, https://thumbscholarships.awardsspring.com.

The application period is open until May 31, 2019 and awards will be announced to the winners in June 2018.

We encourage everyone who is interested to apply. The scholarship is open to many healthcare providers and medical practitioners including Medical Technicians, Certified Nurse Aides, Emergency Medical Technicians, Dieticians, technical support and administrative support personnel who are pursuing an advanced degree in the medical field.

Please visit the Huron County Community Foundation website for specifics.