Harbor Beach Community Hospital Expansion Update

Harbor Beach Community Hospital (HBCH) made an announcement in early spring of 2022 of a $2.9 Million-Dollar Expansion Project. Phase one of this project includes 4,521 sq. ft addition that will house a new lobby and registration area, relocate the Health Information Management (Medical Records) next to registration area, consolidate Diagnostic Imagining Services, relocate the Walk-In Clinic to a more accessible location, and create an area dedicated to Surgical Services patients. Phase two of the project entails renovation of 3,387 sq. ft of the existing facility and will allow for the relocation of Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, and Blood Draw Services. We expect phase one will be completed by the end of January.

Once phase one is completed and those services are moved into their new spaces, renovation will begin on the vacated areas. The community can look forward to a larger waiting area and more private registration process. The employees are anxiously waiting to move into their new spaces. The updated areas will provide more work area for our staff and create greater efficiency.

According to Jill Wehner, VP/COO of HCBH, we are over six months into the project and are grateful to be on time. The overall goal of this remodel is to allow better social distancing and greater privacy. By relocating the Walk-In Clinic next to the Registration area, the staff of these two departments will be able to work together to provide an even better patient experience. Also, by moving the Walk-In Clinic, the Surgical Services Department will be able to utilize the existing clinic space and create an improved experience for both our Surgical and Walk-In Clinic patients. The move of the Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine Services creates more efficiency for our Diagnostic Imaging Department Staff by bringing these services closer to other diagnostic care.

Wehner is very excited for the opening of our new and renovated areas. The leadership team at HBCH has been planning for this for a long time and are looking forward to better serving our community with these updates. The Harbor Beach Community has a lot to look forward to in the coming months, as the new slogan goes, New Things, Are Coming Our Way! Like always Harbor Beach Community Hospital is Your Safe Harbor for Great Healthcare!