Hills & Dales General Hospital Completes Expansion & Renovation Project

Hills & Dales General Hospital hosted their open house on Friday, February 8, to share their completed expansion and renovation project.  Breaking ground in September 2017, the entire project was completed in January 2019.  With a total cost of just over $8 million, Hills & Dales was thrilled to show the community what changes had been made.

The expansion and renovation project included changes to the first floor (main floor) including:
•    25 ft. expansion to the front of the hospital which became clinic space for Cass City Medical Practice as well as our Specialty Physician Clinic and our After Hours Clinic. 
o    Cass City Medical Practice: Dr. Hall, Dr. Bitner, Marlene Schank and Mary Krause (NP)’s clinic is now attached to the hospital.
o    The Specialty Clinic is attached to the hospital with its own entrance.
o    The After Hours Clinic is now called Cass City Medical Practice Extended Hours and is an extension of CCMP.     
•    Renovated registration area which centralized our Emergency Room and Outpatient Registration.  The area provides a more private registration process for the patient and also ensures someone is always available to greet and direct our patients and visitors.
•    A new Gift Shop for the Hills & Dales Auxiliary Group.
•    A new main entrance canopy and lobby area for the hospital, which allow for more protection from the elements of the weather, as well as an inviting seating area in the lobby for patients and visitors.

It also included changes to the 2nd Floor (the inpatient floor), including:
•    12 patient rooms were renovated and updated on the inpatient floor; they became private rooms with a bathroom & shower.  They also include a more family friendly space for those patients who have individuals who’d like to stay overnight with them. 
•    A change in the layout of our inpatient floor; including a new physical therapy area, an updated nurse’s station, new activities room, new offices, and more storage for the second floor.

And there were also changes made to the existing cafeteria on the lower level, which is now providing more dining options, additional seating capacity & a friendlier environment for patients and visitors.

The open house had over 175 people come through; guests enjoyed a brief program and then tours of the new spaces and refreshments.  Jean Anthony, President & CEO, was presented with a tribute plaque from Senator Kevin Daley and Representative Phil Green. 

Hills & Dales would like to thank everyone for their support and patience throughout the duration of the project.