Hills & Dales General Hospital Donates Back to Cass City Schools Athletic Department

Cass City, MI – August 23, 2021, Hills & Dales General Hospital and the Cass City School District have partnered up again. Hills & Dales offered sports physicals at the school and donated back $700 to the Cass City Athletic Department. Hills & Dales staff members Mary Woller, FNP-BC and Cheryl Lang, ACNP-BC, welcomed 70 Cass City students for their annual sports physicals.

Each physical was $15 and $10 was given back. Hills & Dales General Hospital has partnered with the school for many years now and when asked, Jean Anthony, President & CEO said, “We are invested in our community and have always had a wonderful partnership with the school system. Making a donation back to the athletic department is just one small way we can continue to encourage healthy lifestyles in our community.”