Hills & Dales General Hospital Earns ER Recognition

 Laurie Rayl, RN, Rebecca Sweeney, RN, Emily Gilliam, ER Tech, and Dr. David Komosara, ER Physician (the team who was on staff at Hills & Dales the day of this achievement)Hills & Dales General Hospital is proud to announce that they recently earned recognition from Covenant Healthcare for their outstanding Door to Door to Balloon time. In just 99 minutes, the teams at Hills & Dales, Lifenet, and Covenant Healthcare had a patient stabilized, transferred, and  into Covenants cardiac cath lab with the occluded vessel open..  This is the second fastest time recorded for a patient transfer from the surrounding area hospitals.  The national benchmark is 120 minutes. 

Working in conjunction with entities such as Lifenet and MMR (Mobile Medical Response) allows Hills & Dales to get their patients transferred quickly, thus saving heart muscle and saving lives.  Meeting and surpassing these national benchmarks takes extensive training, dedicated staff, and teamwork by everyone.  Hills & Dales is very proud of their ER staff and their partners.

Jean Anthony, President and CEO, says, “Our ER staff continues to take training so that we can achieve such benchmarks.  This award is another example of the care we are able to provide, especially for those in a life threatening situation.  Working closely with our partners allows us to save lives. And that is what it’s all about.”