Hills & Dales General Hospital Follow up to Active Shooter Drill

On Friday, June 21, Hills & Dales General Hospital, in a partnership with local and state law enforcement, as well as MMR and other local agencies, conducted an active shooter drill. 

The drill took place at Hills & Dales MARC Building (Medical Arts Rehabilitation Center), which is located across the street from the hospital and where many of their medical clinics are, as well as the Rehab/Fitness Center and Hospital Drive Pharmacy.

The purpose of the drill was to practice staff responsive in the event of an active shooter in the MARC Building.  Hills & Dales conducted a similar drill on their medical/surgical unit last year. This set up gave different staff members a chance to practice and gave officers a different setting to use. The hospital continues to focus on patient safety, as well as the safety of employees and visitors, and this drill is just one more way to do this.

In the scenario, a “patient” presented to the MARC building for a doctor’s appointment and became agitated because he could not get more narcotics prescribed for his chronic pain. He encountered staff members, a practice manager, a physician, and other patients.  In the scenario, there were 4 fatalities and 5 wounded victims. The shooter was apprehended in under 10 minutes. The 5 wounded victims then presented to Hills & Dales ER for treatment.

Upon the completion of the drill, the police department and emergency manager provided valuable feedback to hospital staff to consider and implement into their procedures for such an occurrence.

Jean Anthony, President & CEO, says, “We cannot thank our partners enough for their work with us on this drill. Their expertise and advise is so meaningful and we take it very seriously.  Knowing the best ways to react and get out of a building safely are key elements for our staff.  The police department was excellent at answering questions and they also made the drill seem as real as possible.  We pray that we will never have to go through this type of scenario, but it helps our staff members know what to do by practicing. A job well done to everyone involved in this drill.”