Hills & Dales General Hospital Hosted Corporate Services Open House

In June of 2018, Hills & Dales General Hospital acquired the Baker College Building in Cass City.  Since June, work has been done to complete minor renovations and staff members have completed their moves.   Hills & Dales hosted a community open house on Thursday, June 6, to show community members what the space is now being used for.

Hills & Dales moved several departments to the new Corporate Services & Regional Education Center, including Finance, Medical Records, Patient Accounting, Corporate Compliance, Education, and Care Coordination.  Roughly thirty employees are now working in the building.  Additionally, many classes and groups are hosted in the classrooms, including CPR, SafeSitter, support groups, Matter of Balance Courses, and much, much more.

Jean Anthony, President & CEO, said, “The open house was a really nice way to show the community what the building looks like now.  We had an excellent turn out, I think they were excited to see it and glad that it is being utilized.  We are so thankful for the building, it has been a true blessing to us.”