Hills & Dales General Hospital Plans for Healing Garden

Cass City, MI – July 28, 2020, Hills & Dales General Hospital is excited to share they are moving forward with plans of creating a healing garden. Led by Physical Therapist Kristi Howard, plans for the garden have been in the works for many months now. “Kristi became a driving force for the idea—researching funding options, identifying contractors, and everything else required to make the project happen,” says Hills & Dales Foundation Director Danielle Blaine. But when COVID-19 happened, it was decided it was best to hit pause on the project. Now, the team is back at it and is hoping to break ground in 2021.

Imagine a beautiful outdoor space where patients, employees, visitors, and community members can enjoy the healing power of nature. The Hills & Dales Healing Garden is intended as a beautiful sanctuary focused on rest, relaxation, restoration, rehabilitation, and rejuvenation. Once funding can be attained, the proposed garden will be located behind the hospital (facing Hospital Drive). It will include a seating area for eating and activities, a significant water feature, a bridge, benches, pergolas, and an abundance of trees, flowers, and plants. Research shows people who interact with nature display positive physical changes (such as decreased heart rate, lower blood pressure, and improved mood) within minutes of stepping outside.

For questions about the garden, please contact Kristi Howard at 989-912-6434. To donate to the Healing Garden project, please call Danielle Blaine at 989-912-6401.

The hospital welcomes donations of all kinds. “Your thoughtful philanthropic support of the Healing Garden Wellness Program is needed to help us develop, maintain, and enhance the garden program,” says Hills & Dales Foundation Director Danielle Blaine.

Hills & Dales invites you to introduce the Healing Garden project to your church, family, employer, civic organization, neighbors, and friends. Or perhaps you would like to donate in honor of a loved one. You can see all the giving options when you visit http://healing-garden.net.

Donations can be written to Hills & Dales Foundation and sent to:
Hills & Dales General Hospital
Attn: Danielle Blaine
4675 Hill St.
Cass City MI 48726