Hills & Dales General Hospital to Acquire Baker College of Cass City Facility

Hills & Dales General Hospital is pleased to announce that they have acquired the Baker College of Cass City building, located on Main Street in Cass City. After touring the space and speaking with Baker College President, Wen Hemingway, Hills & Dales decided the building was a great fit for space that they need.

Jean Anthony, President & CEO, said, “We continue to experience growth in our clinics and in the hospital, seeing more patients than ever before. With growth, we also continue to employ more people. We have outgrown our available office space almost everywhere on our campus. We have been talking for quite some time about what the next step would be. When the Baker College building became available again, we decided to tour it, and it really is a great space. We will be able to utilize almost all of it and look forward to seeing the building not be vacant. We are very thankful to Baker College for the wonderful gift. ”

Hills & Dales will move some of their non-clinical staff to the building, where they will utilize the office space. Hills & Dales will also use the larger conference rooms for meeting space and for educational training such as CPR courses, SafeSitter courses, support groups and other groups that meet at the hospital on a routine basis.

Hemingway says, “We are thrilled that this valuable asset will continue to benefit the community through Hills & Dales General Hospital. That the facility will continue to house training among other operations is an added plus.”

Anthony adds, “With Phase 1 of our renovation and expansion project coming to completion, this comes at a opportune time to get everyone settled into their new spaces. We hope to start utilizing the Baker College building very soon.”