Importance of Rural Health Care

On August 9, Robert Norris came into Sheridan Community Hospital’s Emergency Department following a motor cross accident. Hospital staff quickly came to his aid, with labs and imaging showing an internal arterial bleed and acute blood loss. At this time, Sheridan Community Hospital provided Robert with several life-saving blood transfusions, which allowed him to be stabilized and transferred to a specialized facility in Grand Rapids.

Robert’s two children, Jake and Evelyn, accompanied him to Sheridan Community Hospital, not knowing what would happen. As Robert was rushed to Grand Rapids with life-threatening injuries, Sheridan Community Hospital staff stayed with his kids until family members could come up from Caledonia.

Thanks to coordinating efforts from Sheridan Community Hospital and Montcalm County EMS, Robert was successfully transferred for a surgical repair. After a week in the ICU and a week in rehabilitation, Robert reached out to Sheridan Community Hospital to share his story with the individuals who helped save his life.

Today, Robert and his family visited Sheridan Community Hospital to meet and thank each individual who he credits for helping to save his life. Not only was he grateful for the life-saving services he received, he wanted staff to know just how much it meant to him that they went out of their way to comfort and look after his children. It was an emotional day for everyone involved, filled with gratitude and appreciation.

Special thanks to Montcalm County EMS, specifically Casey Walsh and Eric Smith who helped with this transfer. You make a difference in our community! Video:

For more information or comments on the story, contact Robert Norris (616-460-1683) or Holly Smith (989-291-6354). *Permission was given to SCH.