Marlette Regional Hospital Staff Go Above & Beyond for Patients

Each day, Marlette Regional Hospital marvels at the wonderful care our employees provide to our patients and residents, especially the unexpected, extra things our employees do to provide excellent customer service to those we serve.

“And Then Some” is a program at Marlette Regional Hospital designed to recognize employees who commit to exceeding the expectations of those we serve. Employees are nominated by their coworkers and winners are selected each month for recognition and a monetary appreciation gift. Here are some recent recognitions…

We recently had a patient that came in on a frequent basis for laboratory testing due to her cancer diagnosis. This patient had numerous symptoms that were making her day to day life more difficult. She had begun using oxygen and had mentioned to Andrea Herron how the oxygen was drying her nasal passages out and making her quite uncomfortable. Andrea proceeded to tell her about a moisturizer that she knew had helped with dry sinuses with all the dry heat in the winter. Andrea purchased some of this moisturizer with her own funds and gave it to the patient the next time she came in for her blood draw. Andrea went above and beyond to make just a small part of this patient’s life a little bit easier during her cancer battle. This is just one of many ways that Andrea takes the time to get to know her patients, listening to what they might need, and what might help make their day just a little bit better. This is a great example of how our employees truly care for those we have the privilege to serve!

One of our billing representatives was working with a blind patient about a hospital bill that made her very upset. To make matters worse, she had rode a bus to the hospital and was not be able to be picked up for several hours. Pam Boyne in our patient registration services had overheard the conversation and offered to give the patient a ride home. The patient asked Pam if she could do a favor for her and take her through McDonalds so she could get some lunch. Pam agreed and got her lunch before taking her home. On the way to the patient’s home, she asked Pam to stop by her husband’s work so she could explain the hospital’s financial assistance program to the husband. Agreeing, Pam made another pit stop before arriving to the patient’s home. Upon arriving to the patient’s home, the driveway was icy so Pam got out and walked the patient to the door to ensure that she did not slip on the ice. Now that’s what we call service! This is another great example of kindness and exceeding expectations!

In January, Todd Boswell, Crystal Moralee, Becky Cox, and Nicole Czackowski agreed to come in for a surgical case after midnight even though none of them were on call to provide coverage. Once again, in February, Todd, Crystal and Becky came in for a surgical case after midnight even though none of them were on call to provide coverage. Because of their dedication to the surgical unit and the patients we serve, both patients were able to stay locally to have surgeries and avoid transfer to larger hospital facilities. This is a true testament to the dedication our staff have for our patients in their time of need!

Emily Howard, our social worker, recently organized and carried out a wedding for the son of a terminally ill patient with less than 24 hours’ notice. The wedding was initially planned for May, but was  moved up so that the patient could attend his son’s wedding. All hands were on deck at the hospital to pull off a ceremony and reception to make the day special for the family. This was a wonderful and special event not only for the patient and his family but also for staff that were involved.

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