Marlette Regional Hospital is pleased to be working with Kendra IT

The Marlette Regional Hospital IT Department is pleased to be working with Kendra IT and his staff to assist with Network Technical Operations by streamlining technical efficiencies, with a focus on fiscal responsibility.

Staff of Kendra IT support team is typically on-site at MRH at least once a week. They are also available on an as-needed basis and to assist with specific projects. The main Network Operations Center of Kendra IT is located in Sandusky. They stand-by to actively monitor the status of the MRH network infrastructure and key performance metrics of mission-critical servers. “We appreciate having expert IT support provided by a local area business.”, Andrew Huffman, MRH Director of Support Services.

“We are very thankful for the opportunity to assist our front-line workers and the whole MRH technology department,” says Ben Kendra, owner of Kendra IT.

For more information about services offered by Kendra IT, visit or call 989-820-6420.