Online Check-In Comes to West Branch Emergency Department

WEST BRANCH, MICH – The McLaren Bay Region Emergency Department in West Branch is proud to now offer online emergency check-in.

“Our new online check-in system allows patients with non-life-threatening medical conditions to skip the waiting room at the ER,” said Anthony Bair, Director of Ambulatory Services at McLaren West Branch. “Of course, if you are experiencing a life-or-limb-threatening situation, you should always call 9-1-1.”

The online check-in system found on, provides up-to-date projected treatment times. “When the patient arrives, our emergency department team is ready and waiting for them. It is a huge benefit to know what to expect when the patient walks in the door,” said Bair.

Online check-in allows for an easy and convenient way for individuals to access care for non-life-or-limb-threatening situations. “If you are unsure if you should call 9-1-1, or use online check-in, always err on the side of caution and call 9-1-1,” said Bair.

The new system provides the West Branch community and beyond, a solution to help increase comfort while minimizing their wait. “We want to be respectful of our patients time,” said Bair. “Once a patient receives a projected time, it is our goal to meet that expectation. Upon their arrival, it’s our commitment to make sure the patient is promptly seen by a health care professional.”

It is important to mention that individuals who take advantage of the new online check-in system do not skip the wait for emergency services, they are just choosing to wait in an environment where they feel more comfortable. In the event of an unforeseen delay, a real-time notification will be sent out allowing the individual to continue waiting at home.

“Our new online check-in option is a reservation service for emergency care. The nature of this type of care does not allow for the actual scheduling of medical treatment,” said Bair. “Our software provides a projected time estimate based on current conditions, but it may be adjusted based on the number of patients with life-threatening conditions who are seeking care.”

The online check-in system is designed to identify key terms which may signify a life-threatening or a debilitating medical condition. Upon check-in completion, the submission is always reviewed by a McLaren Bay Region Emergency Department in West Branch staff person to verify the situation is non-life threatening, and it is appropriate for the individual to wait at home.

For more information, or to check-in for non-life-threatening emergency care, visit