Service Dog Benefits Available to Veterans

Service Dogs are pivotal to the safety and functional daily living skills needed for disabled Veterans. Service Dogs are defined as guide or service dogs prescribed for a disabled Veteran under 38 CFR 17.148 for the purpose of the Veteran being diagnosed as having a visual, hearing, or substantial mobility impairment. They are trained to help those with physical or hearing disabilities by alerting deaf and hearing-impaired individuals to a variety of household sounds or by assisting in the performance of a wide variety of tasks depending on need and training (e.g., balance, retrieving, or pulling a wheelchair).

“There are many misconceptions that VA provides Service Dogs; VA does not,” stated Jeffery Ehrhart, Peer Support Specialist. “Our team created a process which identifies the pathways to connect with accredited agencies affiliated with Assistance Dogs International and or International Guide Dog Federation. The VA does NOT provide the service dog, although upon completion of one of these 2 programs, provides veterinary health insurance benefits for the care of Service Dogs and Travel Pay to these accredited training programs. We are really excited to spread the word about these amazing benefits to our Veterans who own service dogs.”

To learn more about the Service Dog Benefits available to Veterans visit Service Dog Benefits | VA Saginaw Health Care | Veterans Affairs.