Sixteenth Annual Camp Health and Wellness Huge Success

“The sixteenth annual Camp Health and Wellness that was hosted by Delta College was an overwhelming success again this year. In total there were 68 students from many of the surrounding high schools that attended the camp June 18th - 20th,” stated Kara Jimenez, Delta College Discipline Coordinator Lifelong Wellness. “At the end of the camp students were asked to give us feedback about the event via a written evaluation. Responses to this survey were extremely positive and participants expressed that they enjoyed the dynamic program that included interactive activities each day!”

Camp Health and Wellness is an event that is financially sponsored by the Hospital Council of East Central Michigan (HCECM) and many of its members and is coordinated and facilitated by Delta College. This camp is a tool designed to assist youth from the East Central Michigan region in developing realistic career goals. Staff from many of the HCECM member hospitals provide valuable presentations and assist students with hands on experiences in multiple healthcare disciplines. It is through these thoughtful presentations and activities that students begin to make important connections between their interests and the world of work. “I am so proud of our member hospitals and their staff, for the commitment of time and financial support they provide each year to assist Delta College in making this event a huge success,” stated Janet Herbert, President of the HCECM, “There are so many amazing careers in healthcare and I am so appreciative of all the time and energy that so many people put into this event, so the youth in our region gain an understanding of career options they can consider in the healthcare arena.”

 Kara Jimenez expressed her overwhelming appreciation for each of the presenters who gave of their time to share their skills and knowledge with the students. “As the organizer for Camp Health and Wellness I wanted to extend my most sincere thanks to you for your invaluable contributions to our program this year. You are a valued member of our team and I am most grateful for your willingness to make room in your busy schedule for our students. Your dedication to this mission is remarkable and I am most appreciative!”

 Because of experiences like Camp Health and Wellness, the students career awareness is richer as a result of the efforts of our sponsoring healthcare organizations and their staff. “Hopefully we have all done a service to society by highlighting the very rewarding and essential careers in the health services field,” stated Kara Jimenez, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with everyone again!”

 “The HCECM would also like to thank Kara and her team for the amazing job they do every year to make this a valuable experience for all who participate,” stated Janet Herbert. “We would not be able to provide this experience to the youth in our region without the willingness and commitment of Delta College, Kara and all her staff every year, so thank you for all you do!”