The Heartlands Marlette Senior Living Receives Funding for iN2L

Marlette, MI – United Healthcare Partners (UHP) is pleased to announce a new resident engagement system, IN2L (It’s never too late) program purchased with funding from the Michigan Endowment Behavioral Health Fund. iN2L technology is designed to enrich the lives of residents in senior living communities by making interactions more meaningful.

With an easy-to-use 75” display touch screen and 5 tablets, iN2L provides activities, games, therapy, music, virtual travel, and so much more. iN2L brings people together, connecting seniors with what interests and fulfills them, enabling them to share conversations, experiences, learning, and fun with each other, their caregivers, and family members.

Life Enrichment Director Jessica Kursinsky says, “iN2L has provided endless opportunities to our residents. As we begin to welcome new residents to The Heartlands, iN2L makes it easy for staff and residents to get to know each other. We have created a page for each resident to display their favorite content such as games, vacation destinations, music, and much more. iN2L is a tool that everyone in our community can use.”

Deckerville Community Hospital and Marlette Regional Hospital affiliates of UHP, will also have access to the 5 tablets and an iN2L portal. The content on the portal includes over 4,000 items that support the core dimensions of wellness.

United Healthcare Partners extends sincere thanks and appreciation to the Michigan Endowment Behavioral Health for their generous gift awarded in 2022.

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