The Hospital Council of East Central Michigan (HCECM) hosted its’ “Spring Legislative Roundtable” on March 12, as a Virtual Meeting

“Our second ‘Virtual’ Legislative Roundtable was a great success,” stated Janet Herbert, HCECM President. “We are thankful for the number of state and federal legislative branches, from our 15 county region, that were represented at our meeting and we truly appreciate each of them taking the time to attend our event and share in conversation with the CEO’s from our member organizations. Those in attendance gained valuable knowledge about key challenges healthcare providers are facing.”

The event included the topics of “Behavioral Health Crisis in Michigan: A Growing Problem” and a review of the impact of “COVID-19 Across the East Central Michigan Region: Views from the Frontline.” Presentations were provided by HCECM CEO Members and several HCECM Members shared the impact of the Behavioral Health Crisis and COVID-19 on their organizations and communities. The agenda also included time for “Open Forum” discussion in which HCECM Member CEO’s shared key points on several healthcare concerns and needs including, HB 4359 that is in discussion now regarding the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) scope of care in Michigan, the importance of maintaining the 340B program which helps hospitals to ensure lower cost of medications and access to care in the region, and concerns with the negative impact the Rural Health Clinic Modernization Act will have on several of the regions Rural Health Clinics if the reimbursement reductions are implemented.

Valuable discussion occurred throughout the meeting on each of these topics, as several of those in attendance asked questions and shared perspectives regarding these issues and on other perspectives related to what is most important for Michigan residents and the organizations that are working hard to maintain access to healthcare across our 15 county region.

Herbert expressed a special thank you to all the Legislative representatives and CEO’s in attendance. “We always appreciate the opportunity to share valuable healthcare information that contributes to informed decisions being made by our elected officials.”