VHA Transitions to COVID-19 Health Protection Levels to Enhance Safety of Veterans, Visitors and Employees

Today, May 24, 2022, the Aleda E. Lutz VAMC is implementing COVID-19 Health Protection Levels as part of VA’s consistent, nationwide approach for Veterans Health Administration (VHA) facilities to adjust COVID-19 safety protocols locally as needed.

The three VHA COVID-19 Health Protection Levels – low, medium, and high – align with CDC’s Community Transmission levels, which are based on new COVID cases and percentage of positive tests.

Starting this week, our medical center is at level high. The VHA COVID-19 Health Protection Level will be updated as needed on Mondays.

“Our local Veterans are resolute about receiving their care at our facility and we want to keep them safe during the ups and downs of COVID-19 community spread,” said Chris Cauley, Medical Center Director. “Instead of increasing or decreasing access to care, safety protocols will be adjusted based on COVID-19 levels in the community.”

Masks are required regardless of the level, but requirements for screening, visitation, and physical distancing vary:

Currently we are in Protection Level High:

  1. Masks are required
  2. Screenings will be performed by staff at the entrance
  3. Care team-approved visitors only
  4. Physical distancing is required

Please visit https://www.va.gov/saginaw-health-care/ or call 989-497-2500 for current protection levels before your next visit. If patients or visitors are heading to a VA facility in another county, they should check with that health facility to determine the facility’s VHA COVID-19 Protection Level.

Visit www.va.gov/coronavirus-veteran-frequently-asked-questions/ for questions and answers regarding the VHA COVID-19 Health Protection Levels.